Why Choose SHIFT?

SHIFT by Dana Perri is LA’s first and only spring floor, circuit workout studio. Shaping How I Feel Today is the philosophy of SHIFT. An acronym that underscores our belief that everyone – and every day – is unique. The unique full body workouts taught by well-trained, certified instructors will challenge you, transform you and truly guide you to meet your goals. We help you find the motivation and determination you need to be successful in your fitness program and make being healthy a lifestyle. SHIFT by Dana Perri’s formula combines mind, body and spirit to honor your choice to take charge of your life!

Here are 7 great reasons why SHIFT can and should fit into your fitness and wellness program.

High-Energy, Low Impact, Full Body Workouts

Don’t think you have time for fitness? Our dynamic classes at SHIFT are designed to create a lean and strong physique by combining cardio and strength training into high-energy, lower impact, full body workouts. We offer a variety of classes ranging from 45 minutes to 1 hour in length. While working your entire body, you will be challenged and have fun in a safe and welcoming environment. At the beginning of each class, our incredible instructors focus our students on setting a mental intention and realistic goals to guide them through their workout. It’s our intention, and our goal, that you’ll leave transformed!

Spring Floor

LA’s first and only spring floor, circuit workout studio will test your limits, encourage optimum physical performance, and reward you by feeling stronger, healthier, and more centered when you leave. SHIFT is the only fitness studio in the world with this unique, Olympic-rated spring floor. Individual springs in the floor reduce the impact of high intensity exercise and reduce the stress on the joints. If you have knee, lower back, ankle, or feet issues, you’re going to want to exercise on our floor. Combined with our routines and professional instruction, your injuries, aches, and pains can be managed and controlled at SHIFT.

Professional Instructors

We know instructors play a major role in your fitness program. Creator and owner, Dana Perri, trains our SHIFT instructors. Each instructor goes through a 2-month certification program specific to SHIFT. They follow the principals of SHIFT and its programs and guidelines for exercises and techniques. Our instructors make classes inspiring and highly motivating. Our full body workouts are challenging but greatly rewarding. We also encourage members to talk with us about their program. We want to know the challenges you’re having with your exercise program so we can work with you to overcome them.

Personalized Attention and Correction

Unique to SHIFT, our instructors are trained to watch the form and intent of each and every individual in class. Instructors provide personalized attention with each person during the class. It may be a form correction, a how-to instruction or simply words of encouragement. Our instructors get to know each student in the class and learn their primary strengths and weaknesses. We help guide you, correct you and encourage you.

The SHIFT Community

Everyone who works out at SHIFT is part of the SHIFT community. We talk with each other before and after classes. We encourage each other. If you’re new to SHIFT, members will say hello to you and ask you how you’re doing. We are here to support each other. At SHIFT, no one is a stranger. It’s hard for everyone to stick to their exercise program so we’re all in it together.

Dana Perri

Dana Perri is the heart and soul of SHIFT. As the creator and owner of SHIFT, she applies her tremendous passion, training, and skill to create the unique workouts getting our students terrific results. Dana has a background as a Cirque du Soleil artist, professional dancer, aerialist, athlete, personal trainer, indoor spin instructor, group fitness instructor, life coach and nutritional consultant. Dana is a true innovator and motivates those around her to defy limitation, and embrace strength. Simply put, Dana Perri will change your life!


It’s all about getting our students the best results. Dana Perri has created a series of unique and inspiring classes guaranteed to get solid results for those who participate. The combination of movements, techniques and exercises creates a powerful exercise experience you can’t find anywhere else. Students get amazing results and can work through aches and pains they have brought into class. Our community talk regularly about the weight they’ve lost, the strength they’ve gained and the improved tone and shape of their bodies.

If you really want results, spend a few hours a week with us at SHIFT and change your life!