• SHIFT BASIC: 55 minutes, Beginner Level
    A modified version of SHIFT (see below), this low impact class focuses on proper form, building strength and heart-lung conditioning. Great for those who are new to SHIFT or any fitness regimen.
  • SHIFT: 55 minutes, Open Level
    A high-energy, lower impact, full-body interval training class that combines aerobic (cardiovascular training) and anaerobic exercises (resistance training). With light weights, resistance bands, and weighted medicine balls, this class helps to create a lean and toned look, improve heart-lung fitness, and target fat loss.
  • Power SHIFT: 45 minutes, Open Level
    Power SHIFT is a newly innovative workout intended to shock the body head-to-toe. Whether you’re someone looking to lean out or build strength and power, this is the class for you. Combining the proven science of interval circuit training, Power SHIFT is all performed on our unique spring floor. In less than an hour, using varying levels of medicine balls and bands, this class will have you dripping with sweat, burning more calories and giving you the full body tone you have always desired.
  • SHIFT Boogie: 55 minutes, Open Level
    SHIFT Boogie is a super high-energy cardio dance class that sculpts and tones your entire body. This low impact, dynamic class focuses on fun dance moves, classic booty toning, basic ballet techniques, and an effective core workout. The fast-paced music guarantees heart pumping action and the dance moves will leave you sweating and wanting more. It’s about having fun and knowing if you are moving your body, you are improving your health, reducing stress, and burning off unwanted fat.