Cancellation Policy / Studio Etiquette

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your reservation (RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW) up to 12 hours prior to the start of class. If you cancel after that window of time, you forfeit a class from your series, or your single class (if that is what you purchased to reserve your spot), regardless of whether you choose to take another class that day or not. Our classes hold a maximum of 25 students.

Studio Etiquette

  • Always sign-in BEFORE class at the front desk. Pre-payment is required to attend any classes or personal training session. Our front desk staff needs to scan your key tag in order to sign you into a class. Please do not assume we see you when you walk in.
  • No cell phones during class. Please silence your phones and put them away. Dedicate your class to you.
  • Classes begin promptly at the scheduled hour. Please make an effort to arrive early to sign in to class & find parking.
  • There is a strict cutoff of 15 minutes after class start time for latecomers.  This is to ensure safety of the students and respect for the teacher. If you do come late within the cutoff time, however, please be RESPECTFUL of your fellow classmates and your instructor when entering the class and take a spot in the REAR or a spot designated by the instructor.
  • If you must leave before class ends, please notify your instructor before class begins, and do your best to slip out quietly.
  • Please keep talking during class to a minimum. Respect your teacher and your fellow classmates.