SHIFTer Peter Palmer Is an Inspiration for a Lot of Reasons

SHIFTer Peter Palmer attends classes four to six days a week consistently, watches his diet and stays very active.

“This week I’ll work out six days.  SHIFT works for me.  I’ve done a lot of different types of programs. It’s challenging but your body changes every day,” Peter said.

Peter is motivated to get the most out of his fitness program. He is 73 years old.

“I haven’t had any major health issues. I have no restrictions on what I can do.  I get my heart rate up and I sweat.  I go full bore into it and its far more beneficial than not doing anything,” Peter said.

Peter credits the spring floor at SHIFT for contributing to his level of fitness. He has a nagging lower back issue that can bother him.

“I don’t think I’d be able to exercise without the floor. Anyone with a back issue knows the need to strengthen the back and strengthen the core.  Everyone who goes to SHIFT knows the floor works the core.  You can feel it working. I think I would do damage to myself with any other floor.”

SHIFT classes have taught Peter the importance of strengthening the core.

“The classes and the spring floor help me connect with my core. Whether we’re doing squats or burpees the floor is an active part of each move.  Dana’s program works together with the spring floor along with exercises the provide stability and strength.  SHIFT has the best community and we all work together,” Peter said.

Dana Perri is Peter’s secret weapon in his quest for fitness and longevity.

“SHIFT is a big part of my life. I’m very busy and active.  My schedule starts off most every day at SHIFT. I’m there because of Dana.  She is the most inspiring, caring, and knowledgeable person in fitness I know.”

Peter wasn’t always so dedicated to fitness.  It’s something he’s learned.  Raised in New York, he was very active in sports when he was younger. He played football, basketball, and baseball like a lot of kids.  As an adult, he started his work life and became sedentary. When he was in his fifties he started trying to get fit. Seventeen years ago, he met Dana and has been proactive with his fitness ever since.

Peter said, “I know that if I’m not proactive, I’ll have problems. I am very conscious of my diet but I don’t limit myself too much.  I do my full body workouts at SHIFT with Dana. I encourage other senior citizens to come and SHIFT.”