Julie Falls Has Become a Believer in SHIFT

Julie Falls was skeptical when she started working out at SHIFT a few years ago.

She had stopped working out because everything was hurting.  Julie had developed degenerative disks doing kickboxing years earlier. “I felt something give and I started having pain. I started physical therapy and a cycle of different treatments to try and find answers. I was so fearful,” Julie said.

Julie’s quality of life was affected. “I had to have a pillow in my car to drive. Sitting in chairs was difficult. Lifting and carrying my children was challenging.”  She could do some walking and short hikes. Julie also had a physical therapist who said exercise wasn’t good for her.

Julie had a friend who was going to SHIFT and getting in great shape.  “I was doubtful at first because of my back problems. Everything was hurting. Now taking Dana’s classes are like breathing. I have to go,” she said.

Julie started learning about making positive changes and started working out at SHIFT.  She attends classes three to four days a week.  Julie said the spring floor allows her to do the lower impact and high intensity full body classes without pain.

“I can do more with the floor at SHIFT. When I exercise at other places I get sore where I don’t at SHIFT. I’m so used to the floor I’m not even conscious of the spring.  I just do my workout.”

Julie believes in the SHIFT by Dana Perri philosophy and loves taking Dana’s classes!

“Dana is so caring and knowledgeable. I love her classes. Everyone is a different age, and are different shapes and sizes.  The classes are keeping me going. I like the Power SHIFT class with the 10-lb. medicine ball,” Julie said.

Julie has also developed arthritis in her hip.  She said she has a different approach to limitations now. “SHIFT keeps me going.  Now I can stay active, have fun and not be in pain.”