Fight Boredom in Your Workouts

To become fit, you must have a fitness routine. A routine is a sequence of things that does not change. It is a daily habit occurring repeatedly. Jobs have a routine. Most daily life consists of routines.

Fitness requires a daily routine as well. Exercise, nutrition, sleep, hydration, and motivation are all part of your daily fitness routine. Your daily routine produces your level of fitness. It is the things you do every day that make you strong and fit.  If you exercise six days a week but eat poorly every day you will not see the best results. If you sleep poorly you will not have the stamina to exercise regularly.

Building a quality routine can be a big challenge. One of the biggest challenges is boredom. Routines by their very nature are repetitive. You are doing the same things repeatedly. It can be the same old grind day after day.

What do you do to prevent workout boredom?

Take a Class

If you do not take fitness classes give it a try.  Or try a new class you have never experienced. Group classes can provide an immediate boost to your motivation. You are exercising with a group of dedicated people who are in class for a purpose. It is a different environment than yours and you can immediately get a boost in your motivation. A good instructor can make all the difference.

Change Your Routine

Change up your routine on a regular basis to prevent boredom. Add in new exercises. Try different levels of intensity. Work out in a different place. Do different types of exercises. Whatever you can do to vary your routine you are going to break up the boredom.  Try the new routine for a few days and then go back to your regular routine. How do you feel?  If the boredom is gone, work your routine. Do not be afraid to change things up for a few days.

Workout With A Friend

Try working out with a friend to break up your routine. If you are used to working out alone, working out with someone else is a big switch. You have someone who encourages you and can talk about the workout as you are going through them. You can learn new things from your workout partner and try different exercises. Two heads are always better than one.

Reward Yourself

It is easy to lose sight of your goals. Reset your goals and build in rewards for reaching your goals.  Even a daily goal like making your workout can be rewarded. If you make all your workouts for a month give yourself something special. Have fun with the idea of rewarding yourself. Use it as a motivation tool.

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