Benefits of Low Impact Exercise

Low impact workouts are known for being easier on your joints. The exercises are designed to reduce or eliminate high impact movement that creates extra stress on the knees, ankles, feet and back. Low impact workouts have a lot more benefits you should know about.

Better Technique

Low impact classes can foster better exercise technique. The pace tends to be moderate and there is time to think about how you are performing an exercise.  Technique is especially important.  Aligning the body properly for the exercise and performing the movement correctly gets you more results and protects you from injury. It is important to learn the proper technique and apply it. The goal for low impact workouts is not to workout at a fast pace. You have the time to alter your alignment and perform an exercise properly. Your body gets the best opportunity to benefit from the exercise.

Fat Burning

Low impact workouts can burn more fat. It is all about the heart rate.  Low impact workouts can keep the heart rate in an aerobic range where fat is being burned as fuel.  The fat burning heart rate zone is around 60 to 70 percent of your maximum heart rate. In this range, the body burns more fat as fuel. High intensity exercise can require a heart rate above 70 percent and put you in the anaerobic zone where you are not burning as much fat for fuel. While you are participating in your low impact workout, check your heart rate and aim for the fat burning range.  If your heart rate is too high, slow your exercise pace down until you fall into the range. It is important to follow a proper diet as well so you can reap the benefits of fat burning exercise.

Less Risk of Injury

Low impact workouts limit your risk of injury in more ways than just your joints. You can limit the risk of sprains and strains that affect your muscles as well as your joints. Muscle pulls and strains are common.  Working out before you are properly warmed up can lead to pulled muscles and strains. So, can overtaxing a muscle with high intensity exercise. Every muscle has a limit, and it is often easy to push too hard. While not a serious injury, pulled muscles can be painful and take time to heal. It can reduce your ability to exercise. Low impact exercises allow you to manage your body during the workout to know how you are feeling. If you feel the start of a pull or strain you can stop and assess what is happening.

Stress Relief

Low impact workouts are great for reducing stress. The workouts can be relaxing and beneficial at the same time. Taking deep breaths and focusing on your breathing helps get the body in a nice rhythm. Practicing proper technique and full range of motion allows the body to discard built up stress and get the benefit of the exercise. You always feel stronger and more energized after a low impact workout.

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