Find Your Motivation

What motivates you to work out?

It is a fascinating question with a significant range of possible replies. No two people are alike and why people work out varies person to person.

Some people want to lose weight for a wedding or a high school reunion. Some people want to train for competitions. Other people want to manage a health condition or simply live longer.

It is important to find what motivates you to work out if you want to keep working out and get in shape. You may find yourself starting and stopping your workouts and not getting the results you want.

When you figure out your motivation you can stoke the flames and keep the motivation flowing. Motivation combined with discipline and knowledge creates tremendous momentum to get you solid results.

We all know exercise, eating right and getting enough sleep are important. We know our health can suffer if we do not do these things. For some people, the simple fact exercise can help you live longer is all they need. Mission accomplished! Longevity is certainly a goal to strive for. Try to dig deep and find your other motivations. You may find something is burning in your belly and you need to make things happen. Think long and hard about what motivates you to go to the gym several times a week, eat clean and healthy food and get enough sleep.

Make sure your motivation is long term.
When a short term goal is reached you often slow down and even stop your workouts. Why should you continue when you met your goal? Long term motivation keeps you exercising and taking care of yourself for the long haul.

Share your motivation with your friends or family.
You are far more likely to succeed if you have other people involved. You can share your effort and how you are feeling. When you are down others can bring you up. There is a lot to be said for not being an island. To get real, long lasting results it is always better to share your motivations.

Motivations can change as you go through life.
Your goals when your 18 will certainly be different when you are 50. Motivations change as well.  Life’s changes can often cause motivational changes. A single person can usually find more time to work out than a married person with 3 children. There is nothing wrong with finding other things to motivate you as your life progresses.