Your Nighttime Routine May Be the Key to Fitness

Few people would argue with the notion of daily habits being a key to lifelong fitness. Your daily habits are responsible for your ability to reduce calories, lower your fat intake and eat healthy foods. Anyone can make changes occasionally. It takes better daily habits to make fitness a lifestyle.

Your nighttime routine may be a key factor in building your daily habits to the point where you’re reaching your goals. Spending just a little time in the evening to plan and set up for tomorrow can make all the difference.

Here are a few tips you can do in the evening to prepare for tomorrow:

  1. Review your day

What are you doing tomorrow? Look at your day. Where are you going to have your meals? Where does your workout fit in? Are there things going on that can knock you off your plan? You can plan your day or just think about the highlights. Organize some things for tomorrow.  You can try and wing it, or you can get organized and have a plan.

  1. Plan your meals and your workout

What are you eating tomorrow? It’s a pretty simple question but not easy to answer. After you’ve reviewed your day you can decide where your meals will come in. If you’re working on weight loss, what foods are on your plan? If you’re tracking servings, you may need to weigh your food. Plan your workout! What kind of workout are you doing? Where are you going? Make decisions about your workout so you can plan your activities. It helps to know what you’re doing so you can have a plan and an intention.

  1. Get your stuff together

Get your meals together. Take your plan and figure out what you need. Maybe you need to go to the store. Get your food together in one place. Make the meals you’re going to have. Also, get the clothing and other items you need for your workout. Prepare your food and pack your meals. Get your workout gear ready to go.

  1. Get your breakfast ready

The old saying, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is true in more ways than one. Yes, you’re breaking the fast of your night of sleeping and putting nutritious food into your body. You’re also having the first meal of the day. You’re kicking off your day. Starting your plan off right is a very important step.

  1. Commit to your plan

Look at the things you’ve put together in the evening. Think about your day tomorrow. Do you have it all covered? Are you on target? Feel good about being prepared and building good habits. Reaffirm your plan and know you’re following it.

It’s a great feeling!