Challenge Yourself on SHIFT’s Spring Floor

SHIFT by Dana Perri has the only Olympic-rated spring floor in Los Angeles. In fact, it’s the only floor of its kind in the world. It’s the kind of floor that truly challenges you!

The floor is 25ft X 25ft and contains more than 400 individual springs. It stabilizes the body and absorbs a maximum amount of shock as a foot hits the floor.  Impact created by an exercise movement is dispersed through the series of springs and the bounce is dissipated. When a class is exercising on the floor, the floor moves up and down under people’s feet.

The most obvious benefit of the floor is the shock absorption. The floor lessens the impact on joints by transferring the impact from the joints to the floor. People with knee, back, ankle and feet problems all benefit from exercising on the spring floor.

SHIFT’s spring floor creates a unique fitness experience other than its shock absorbing quality. It strengthens and enhances the core. During a class on the spring floor, your entire core is being engaged throughout the workout. It creates another added dimension. It’s more challenging than a traditional floor.

The core is the group of muscles stabilizing and moving the spine. The inner core are muscles including the diaphragm and transverse abdominus that engage during movement or breathing. The outer core are muscles including the abdominals and lats that stabilize and protect the spine.

Your core maintains your balance and position while you exercise. The spring floor is taxing your core throughout a class. If your core is weak in any area, the spring floor is going to tax the area. Working out on the floor for the first time always surprises people with how challenging it can be. Strengthening and building a stronger, fitter core helps maintain a healthy metabolism.

Engaging the abdominal muscles throughout a workout requires motivation and focus. SHIFT classes are not workouts you can mentally coast through. Every movement can be a challenge and modifying movements to make them manageable is common.

The spring floor also contributes to burning more energy. The floor’s movement up and down occurs while the body moves in any direction. The muscles are more engaged and require more energy to be stable. You’re working harder doing all movements on this incredible floor. Burning more calories during class helps burn fat.

Our spring floor also helps building and maintaining bone density. Bone is living tissue that responds to the demands of exercise by becoming stronger. Workouts on the floor are weight-bearing which helps increase lean muscle mass and improve bone density. Bone mass peaks during early adulthood. If you’re over 20 years of age, working out on SHIFT’s spring floor can help your musculoskeletal system and improve your balance and coordination.

Try SHIFT by Dana Perri’s one and only spring floor, have fun and challenge yourself!