How Is Your Cardio Strength?

Have you ever had to carry a child in your arms while you’re walking around? Your arm muscles get tired and your breath heavier from the walking. Have you gone for a hike with a heavy backpack? The added weight of the backpack makes the hike more challenging.

Have you ever had to shovel a lot of dirt? A typical shovel of loose dirt weighs around 10 pounds. If you have a truckload of dirt to move, you’re going to stress your cardio system and your muscles shoveling over and over again. This is your cardio strength.

Cardio strength is your ability to do cardio and strength movements at the same time.

Do you have to shovel slowly because your cardio strength isn’t very good? Or can you keep a steady pace because you’re in good cardio strength shape?

If you want to be in better shape, than cardio strength exercises are a terrific addition to your workout regime.

Cardio strength is the combination of strength and cardio movements and exercises into one workout. The goal is to achieve a balance of strength training for the muscles and cardiovascular conditioning for overall health and fitness.

In SHIFT classes, using a band or ball usually means you’re performing a cardio strength exercise. The SHIFT cardio strength methodology uses lightweights, resistance bands and weighted medicine balls in a circuit-style format.  Various muscle groups are toned and strengthened while keeping the heart rate up. Cardio strength training accepts that resistance and cardio training are both beneficial and necessary. There’s no argument about which is better, or which should come first.

Adding cardio strength exercises to a full body workout creates a great combination for burning fat and calories. The major and minor muscle groups are engaged in cardio and strength training. Thighs, glutes, calves, back, chest, shoulders and arms are all trained during the class.  Working more muscle groups engages more metabolic processes and your metabolism will stay elevated. If you want to lose weight, full body workouts are your best choice.

Make your SHIFT T classes regularly and you’re going to improve your overall cardio strength.