Sticking with Your Workout Resolution

With the New Year upon us, many Americans will make resolutions to get more healthy and fit. Working out more is the most popular fitness resolution.

It can be hard to stick with New Year resolutions. January starts with good intentions and plenty of enthusiasm only to find it waning as the months progress. Here are some tips to try and keep the fitness resolutions you’ve made:

  1. Make your goals realistic.

Wanting and doing are two very different things. Think about the realistic things you can do to get in better shape. If you’re going to the gym twice a week you can probably figure out your schedule to make it three times a week. To get in shape you need to exercise more and eat better. Think about the things you can realistically change. Make goals based on your lifestyle. What will you get from adding one more workout per week? What will you get from changing your diet? Set goals based on realistic changes you know you can make. Be specific. Instead of “I want to get in better shape” make your goal “I want to lose 10 pounds and increase my workout time by one hour a week.”

2. Make your workouts fun.

If you don’t enjoy your workouts you are more likely to miss them. We must be realistic. Getting results from exercise can be hard work. Working out forces the body to adapt to the stress and strain you are putting on it. It does this by improving your overall fitness level. Working out should be fun, not brutal and joyless. Group fitness classes are a great way to make working out more enjoyable. You’re in a class with other people who are feeling the same way you are. You can support each other and share your stories. Working out to great music is more fun and will help inspire you throughout your workout.

3.         Schedule your workouts.

Put your workouts into your schedule just like you would a work appointment. Just because you’re doing something for yourself doesn’t mean its less important than things you’re doing for others. There’s often a tendency to put other people’s needs in front of your own. You need to get selfish with your workouts. Every day that goes by without a workout is another day you’re contributing to poor health. Don’t go there! Get on a schedule and keep it by making your workouts a high priority!