Taking Time to Relax

Relaxing is an amazing thing to do and there are so many great benefits.  And it’s so easy to do . . . . maybe.

We should all be able to relax. We at least know we are capable of relaxing. We know we can sit on the couch, turn on the TV and do nothing for a while. Easy. But is that really relaxing? Or is that just pausing the action for a bit?

To truly relax you relax not just your body but your mind and your emotions. If you can let go of everything you will truly be successful.

Physically relax. Find your place to physically unwind. For some people it’s the couch or the floor. For others it’s the bed or a hammock. Wherever your physical place to relax is make it yours. Learn to sit or lie down and let the physical tension dissipate. Let your muscles go. Release the tension of the day. Breathe slowly and concentrate on each body part releasing stress. Learn new techniques that work for you to physically relax.

Mentally Relax. While your relaxing your body, learn to relax the mind at the same time. Start by emptying your mind from your day. Don’t replay the days events. Learn to let the events of the day go. Be very present and in the moment. Concentrate on your breathing and the feel of your body starting to relax. Let go of negative thoughts and start with positive images. Put happy, healthy thoughts in to your mind as your start to relax.

Emotionally relax. As you start to relax, connect with your emotions. What are you feeling? How strongly are you feeling? If you had a rough day and you’re very emotional acknowledge it. Feel it and start to let it go. Think of walking down the stairs and with every step you take your emotions will lessen and lessen. When you get to the bottom of the stairs you are calm. Think happy, positive thoughts. Think of a time when you were positive and uplifted. Think of how it felt and go there.

Relaxation brings with it a lot of solid benefits. Your heart rate and breathing slow down. Your blood pressure decreases and blood flow to your primary muscles increases. Pain and tension subside, and the body’s immune system strengthens. All your body’s systems start to perform better in the absence of stress.

The key to relaxation is learning to do it often. Create an appointment with yourself to relax. Even if its for 10 minutes it’s worth it. We can get so caught up in our busy days that we don’t take time out for ourselves. If you relax often you learn the techniques that work for you. Everyone is different. Relaxing on purpose is a skill. You get better by practicing it.

So, take it easy and relax.