Whole Life Challenge – Best Recipes!

The Whole Life Challenge is a program that was created to give individuals the power to change their lives for the better through changing the 7 daily habits of nutrition, exercise, mobilize, sleep, hydrate, well being and reflect. It is played as a game with friends, with points being awarded each day for completing the 7 daily habits. Since fitness and getting into shape tend to be on everyone’s mind in January and February, it’s a common time for the games to begin, so if you are participating in or contemplating a Whole Life Challenge, below are some great recipes to experiment with for your nutrition component.

Garlic-Lime Shrimp With Cauliflower Puree  This is an amazing winter dish. The cauliflower is creamy and the shrimp have a lot of flavor. Drizzled with ghee and it’s a winner!

California Avacado Sweet Potato Hash This is not just a breakfast dish! Easy to prepare, with inexpensive ingredients. If you want to succeed at the challenge without becoming a gourmet chef, this one’s for you!

Sloppy Joe’s This is a great recipe to cook for the family, even if they are not participating in the challenge. One of the most difficult things about staying on track is making multiple meals, so skip it and try this one out!

Shrimp Ceviche With Fruity Salsa  Shrimp again! Why? Because it is delicious and easy, especially in this no-cook ceviche recipe.

Salmon, Sweet Potato and Avacado Kale Salad Finally a salad and kale because no Whole Life Challenge is complete without those! This salad combines the salmon and avacado protein with the antioxidants and crunchy goodness of the kale.

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