Great Hike Only Minutes from Sherman Oaks

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning in Sherman Oaks and you just finished a fabulous breakfast at Sweet Butter Kitchen.  A little worried about the buttermilk pancakes and syrup, you decide on a leisurely hike to help the digestion. What to do?

You can stay in Sherman Oaks and hit a mall or you can take a ten-minute drive up Mulholland Drive to Fryman Canyon and hike the Betty B. Dearing Trail. It’s hard to believe such a great spot is minutes away from Sherman Oaks.

Fryman Canyon Trail minutes from Sherman Oaks

Fryman Canyon Trail minutes from Sherman Oaks

From your trunk, grab your sun screen and your water bottle.  Temperatures can be very hot in the summer. Your best walking shoes are necessary.  As with all hikes you need to be prepared.

The Fryman Canyon Trail is a 3.4-mile loop and is rated as an easy hike.  Your pancakes shouldn’t digest too well! The trail is wide and well maintained. It generally takes about an hour and a half to complete the hike. The Betty B. Dearing Trail takes you on the loop route. There’s a gradual elevation of around 450 feet so the hills won’t tire you out. You pass below the park headquarters for Tree People – an environmental organization. A half mile later you’re at Iredell Lane where you reach residential streets that take you back to the trailhead.

On the hike, you’ll see the year-round springs and the heavily wooded canyon. There’s nice views of the valley as the trail runners run past the walkers. It’s a great place for exercise. Benches pop up now and then so you don’t have to suffer cramps from your morning feeding. Secondary trails branch off the main trail along the loop. There’s hidden lookout points and even an outdoor theater.

Dogs are permitted on a leash, but mountain bikes are prohibited on the trail. The parking lot may be crowded but the residential streets will yield available parking.

After your hike, you can head back down Mulholland Drive to Sherman Oaks feeling energized and refreshed. Hiking is a great companion to your fitness workouts.  Getting outside in the fresh air, walking the trail, and enjoying the views is exhilarating.