Sticking with Your Fitness Program

Exercising consistently week in and week out is tough. In fact, it’s very tough. About 50% of people starting an exercise program will drop out in the first six months. At SHIFT by Dana Perri, we provide a program encouraging long term participation. We want to help you be consistent with your fitness program.

Building the Habit

People who make exercise a habit tend to exercise more consistently. Our classes are scheduled at convenient times of the day so you can make a habit of attending.  Schedule your class into your daily calendar.  Protect your exercise appointment by making it a priority compared to the rest of your calendar. Do activities before your class that promote attending and don’t let things get in the way.  Have a healthy meal. Get your workout clothes ready. Handle pressing issues before your class.  Don’t give yourself reasons not to attend. When you’ve completed your class and you’re feeling great, schedule your next class.  Put it in the calendar and plan attending your next class. Make your exercise program a habit.

Accessing Your Support

Regular exercisers build a support team around them.  Your support team is your friends, siblings, parents, or your partner.  It’s the people around you who know you.  It’s always good to bring a friend to your class to workout with you.  Share your feelings about your exercise program and how you’re feeling.  Communicate your successes and your challenges.  Tell your support network how you’re doing.  Ask them to provide you the support you need.

Professional Instructors

We know instructors play a major role in your fitness program. Our SHIFT instructors are trained by Dana Perri.  They follow the principals of SHIFT and its programs and guidelines for exercises and techniques. Our instructors make classes fun.  You’ll find the classes are highly motivating. You’re not going to get bored coming to SHIFT.  Our full body workouts are challenging but greatly rewarding.  We also encourage members to talk with us about their program.  We want to know the challenges you’re having with your exercise program so we can work with you to overcome them.

The SHIFT Community

We have our SHIFT community to help you as well.  Everyone who works out at SHIFT is part of the SHIFT community.  We talk with each other before and after classes.  We encourage each other.  If you’re new to SHIFT, members will say hello to you and ask you how you’re doing. We are here to support each other.  At SHIFT, no one is a stranger. It’s hard for everyone to stick to their exercise program so we’re all in it together.

The SHIFT Spring Floor

Our spring floor is the only floor of its kind in LA.  With over 400 springs under special material, the floor absorbs the impact of your exercise.  The floor bounces up and down, transferring the energy of your impact from your joints to the springs. You can work out and not be punished by stress on your joints. Long term, you can stick to your exercise program without getting the nagging strains and injuries associated with hard floors.

At SHIFT by Dana Perri, we want to help motivate you to stick with your fitness program.  We’ve learned to get your body in shape you must get the mind in shape first.  Consciously knowing the triggers preventing you from consistent exercise allows you to break through the triggers and meet your fitness goals.