SHIFT Specials and Events

Thanksgiving Weekend Class Schedule

Here is our Thanksgiving weekend class schedule. For the first time we are offering SHIFT Holiday Plus – a 1 hour and 15 minute sweat session on Thanksgiving Day.  
Thurs. 11/22   
6:15 am           SHIFT                                     Cancelled
8:00 am           SHIFT Holiday Plus               Alicia Garrity 
9:40 am           SHIFT Basic                           Sarah Wahl
5:30 pm           SHIFT Boogie                         Cancelled  
Fri, 11/23  
6:15 am           SHIFT                                     Cancelled
8:30 am           SHIFT                                     Alicia Garrity
9:40 am           Power SHIFT                         Alicia Garrity
10:50 am         SHIFT Basic                           Cancelled
Sat, 11/24  
8:30 am           SHIFT                                     Alicia Garrity             
9:40 am           SHIFT Basic                          Alicia Garrity
10:50 am         SHIFT Basic                          Cancelled
Sun, 11/25  
8:30 am           SHIFT                                     Conisha Dorsey
9:40 am           Power SHIFT                         Alicia Garrity
10:50 am         SHIFT Basic                          Emily Belgard
12:00 pm         SHIFT Boogie                        Cancelled